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Below is just a sample of our latest videography projects. The image resolution of the media files supplied to the client via our online secure server is of better quality than what can be displayed online. For more information on image and video quality please visit our FAQs


Private Home - Estate Agent’s Marketing

An extended video showcasing a private home and grounds is a very useful marketing tool when selling or renting a home. Google maps can provide an historic birds eye view of your property, but you have no control over the content, so a directed video can make all the difference. It will also provide a great gift or keepsake for the property's owner.

Domestic Roof Inspection

This roof inspection was for a client suffering a water leak in an upstairs bedroom. The roof was not easily accessible, so would have required roof ladders or a cherry picker. Using the high-resolution images from the drone we were able to quickly identify the source of the leak and several other areas of damage that needed attention. Using our video footage, the client’s roofing specialist has been able to quote and plan for the repair without needing to visit the site.

3D Mapping Software

This is an example of using drone aerial images to create a virtual 3D model of any landscape or structure, which can assist with construction planning and progress monitoring. The drone is set up to automatically fly in a grid pattern over the subject area, recording many images from different angles, which in this case took just 12 minutes. Using very powerful processing software, these images are then stitched together to create the 3D interactive model. 

Private Home - Construction Monitoring

The owner of this beautiful family home is about to undertake a 9-month refurbishment of their property. They hired us to produce aerial photos and an edited video to serve as an everlasting memory of their house before the builders moved in. Further aerial photos will be captured throughout the reconstruction to record the progress of the build. When complete, our client will own a series of time-lapse photos of the build phase of their project.

Tonwell Water Tower, Hertfordshire 

A scenic video of a futuristic concrete water tower. Built in 1964, this Grade II listed structure has a capacity of 50,000 gallons. It was designed by Edmund C. Percey of Scherrer and Hicks. It is presently on the market and is being sold by Affinity Water who are asking for offers in excess of £30,000 with a suggestion that it could be converted for use as residential accommodation.

Domestic Roof Inspection

This video is an edited sample of a roof inspection for a private home. The high-resolution images make it easy to identify and evidence any defects or other issues highlighted by the client. The unedited original footage, 30-60 minutes, can be reviewed off-site by a surveyor, architect or builder.

Watton-At-Stone, Hertfordshire

We have Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission to fly over congested areas, for example, this flight over the village of Watton-At-Stone. Starting at the 15th century parish Church of St Mary and St Andrew, along the High Street, then heading north towards Bardolphs Farm.

Domestic Roof Inspection

This video is a small section of a roof inspection for a private home. Generally, operating in very high winds is not recommended as it can affect the video quality due to excessive camera buffeting. In this case, the client was directing and viewing the live feed from the drone, so it was possible to deploy despite the windy conditions.


“How amazing!”

“Having had a look at the images and the drone footage, I wanted to let you know how amazing we think they are! The timing also couldn’t be better, because we will use them for our Virtual Open Day.”

Angela Patrikios ● Marketing Manager ● Haileybury School ● May 2020


“I have finally found time to look at all the photos and video you took. What a great job! I am thrilled, thank you for such a brilliant outcome. I am really, really impressed!!”

Mr J. Gildersleeve ● Caldrees Manor ● April 2019

“A pleasant, professional and friendly service, thank you”

“Your aerial pictures did the trick, the planning department is happy!”

Mrs J. Margolis ● Home Owner ● April 2019

“Brilliant job, I’m excited about encouraging others”

“Looks fab and given the wind I think you did a tremendous job. Looks beautiful and I think filming through the seasons will be amazing.”

Ms S. Lymington ● Home Owner ● March 2019

“Many thanks, another fantastic job”

“The Air Photography team enabled us to discover the source of a leak in our period property roof that no roofing company had been able to find. The aerial drone imagery surveyed our entire roof area and also picked up works that needed to be undertaken in other minor areas. Highly recommend and professional company who have helped put our house back on its feet”

Mrs L. Davies ● Home Owner ● March 2019

“It’s absolutely amazing - thank you.”

“It was a perfect day for it by the look of things. Everything is so steady and the transitions so smooth. It does show off the setting very well indeed.”

Mr R. Fiddes ● Home Owner ● February 2019 


"Looks AMAZING! Fantastic aerial video photography - we are very impressed, you’ve made our not so pretty house look fabulous! Thank you…"

Mrs J. Stevens ● Home Owner ● January 2019